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Really Useful 16 x .14 Litre Plastic Storage Box Set Clear Standard Packaging


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Product Description

Keep your desk clutter-free and ensure all your essentials are within your reach with the Really Useful Organiser Pack.

Keep your business cards, writing essentials and other stationery neatly organised with this mini drawer set.

The tray that houses these mini drawers features dividers that keeps them separate and allows you to pull each one out without any hassle. Its stackable design lets you place it on top of another set of drawers, which saves storage space.

This drawer set can be kept out of the way on the side of your desk or under it.

Each mini drawer comes with a lid, allowing you to easily take one out and put in back in place without spilling its contents.
Compartmentalised storage tray with drawers
Made of good-quality polypropylene
Includes boxes with lids
placed in a large tray
Boxes have handles on either side

Box Contains

Really Useful 16x 0.14 Litre Box Organiser Clear 0.14 CX16ORG


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