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Office Depot Laminating Pouches 250 Micron A3 Clear Gloss – Pack of 100




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Protect and preserve with Office Depot
  • With these Office Depot laminating pouches, you can keep your important A3 notices or posters in pristine condition, by coating them in a completely transparent and durable film. Protect and preserve your documents from weather damage if placed outside, or just from dust and dirt that can be picked up over time.
  • Each pack comes with 100 A3 laminating pouches, with a 125 micron in thickness per sheet. When taking two sheets together to laminate a piece of paper’s front and back, this makes for 250 microns in thickness, giving extra-strength to your work. The rounded corners of these laminating sheets is safer to touch, and the low melting temperature adhesive feature of these pouches means using them is easy.


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